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© 2019 by KiwiSpecs SundayPyjamas LLP

We build scalable businesses with technology.

Focus is shifting from getting heads in beds to one-of-a-kind experiences, emotionally connected journeys, and technologically driven personalizations.


by SundayPyjamas™


KiwiSpecs by SundayPyjamas™ is an IT brand, which uses its DevOps first, agile and solution-focused approach to enable businesses to implement technology solutions.


We help Founders, CTOs, IT Directors, Digital Heads, CIOs and tech leaders overcome their challenges of scalability, growth and performance; by ____________________________.


Growth System by Kiwispecs™ is designed for luxury hotels to involve and engage them with the culture, giving them a larger share of the future.

Reach Them All and

Be Discoverable

Phase 1 of 3


Enable hotel brands be a part of the cultural narrative using creative content on digital platforms, to deeply connect with people and convert them into buying customers.

Brand Audit

Industry Trends

Brand Strategy

Social & Paid Media

Mobile Apps & Websites

Launched April 2019

Phase 2 of 3

Value Creation & Experience Design


Create new value and fulfilling experiences for the luxury mindset by reinventing the use of space, people, brands and services.


Customer Experience Design

Coming this winter

Phase 3 of 3


Optimize operations, management and maintain guest loyalty.

Hotel Management & Operations

Automation & Hotel Management

Launched April 2019

Coming March 2020


by SundayPyjamas™

Learn to grow your

sales today.

Over 80 brands trust us worldwide

We closely work with your team to deliver results

We assign you your personal brand manager to demystify your brand's challenges. 

We have enough juice to keep you engaged with the best practices in your industry that help you stay on the hype train.

With everything in one place, we like to call ourselves a one-stop-shop for all your business, technology and marketing needs.

When we say we take it to our graves, we swear by our Non-Disclosure Agreement. Your information is safe with us.

We are bullish on diversity and our expert team representing a whole spectrum of industries is proof enough. 

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